Video Greeting Card

Creative Concept

Communicate your messages with our new video greeting cards – Instant messages with high quality sound and vision. High resolution video screen that can play up to 1 hour video.

Interactivity: Touch screen.
Screen resolution: 480 x 272
Ratio: 16:9
Colours: 262k
Memory: 512MB – 2GB
Playing time: 2 hours
Packaging: Cardboard packaging available in a variety of sizes.

Screen sizes :
The size of 2.8 inch is 58 x 42mm.
The size of 4.3 inch is 95 x 54mm.
The size of 5 inch is 112 x 63mm.
The size of 7 inch is 154 x 86mm.
The size of 10.1 inch is 202 x 125mm.

Additional Information:
Cardboard thickness: 250 gsm
Playback time is two hours.
There is a usb charging port on the video card.
Memory size 256M and battery life(2h): video length can be up to 80 minutes.s

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