Director Travel Pro Adaptor

Universal Travel Adaptor

Universal Travel Adaptor with two USB ports.

Power rating: AC 100-240Vac, 6A
Max (720W/120Vdc,1380W/230Vac) DC
USB rating: 5Vdc,2.4A Max.
Colour: black or white.
PMS Print.
Dimensions: 50 x 55 x 62mm
Packing: white box.

  • 2.4A(dual USB total) -Can charge 2 devices
  • in one time.
  • Children safety shutters.
  • Single plug safety feature.
  • With 100-240Vac voltage indicators.
  • Patent protected.
  • Plastic cases made by PC.
  • Approval: FC CE & RoHS.

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