Electric Gifts

Quality gifting inside & out

Electric Gifts offers a new experience in gifting with a range of exclusive electronic products presented in the highest quality gift packaging.

Our ethos
Gifting is an experience that needs to engage the recipient positively. We have worked over 25 years designing, manufacturing and selling and promotional gifts and we believe there is a need for total quality and craftsmanship from the manufacturing process to the final design. This is why our philosophy centres around quality inside and out of every single product from the smallest electrical component to the quality of the presentation boxes.

Product safety
Safety is paramount and that’s why we inspect all our raw materials before we even manufacture a finished product. In fact some would call our desire to supply outstanding products an obsession but we like it that way, that’s why we test all our batteries twice, fully charging and discharging them before they are deemed good enough for final production.

Packaging & design
Our packaging is fully customised as we believe that a high quality product should be presented in exceptional quality and well designed packaging. All our boxes are uniquely designed to perfectly fit every product ensuring they arrive in the hands of the recipient in perfect condition. That’s what we call first class gifting.

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“Really creative”

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“Fantastic service and support“

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responsive assistance “

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